Bombay High Court Ruling: Co-Promoter Liable to Pay Refund if Flat Delayed
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Legal disputes in the real estate sector often involve intricate legal interpretations and complex rulings. The recent case between Era Realtors Private Limited and Prakash Shah & Niket Shah sheds light on the nuances of such disputes, particularly regarding orders passed by regulatory authorities and subsequent appeals. Let’s delve deeper into the details of this Second Appeal (Stamp) case and the key rulings that emerged from it.

Background of the Case:

The dispute arose from an order issued by the Regulatory Authority, challenged by Prakash Shah and Niket Shah in the Appellate Tribunal. The Tribunal partially allowed the appeal, modifying the Regulatory Authority’s order. The crux of the dispute revolved around the payment of interest by Era Realtors Private Limited to the respondents.

Final Order and Rulings:

The Appellate Tribunal directed Era Realtors to pay interest to the respondents on the entire amount received from them, starting from January 1, 2018, until the date of possession handover. Additionally, Era Realtors was ordered to pay costs amounting to Rs. 10,000 to the respondents. The rulings of the case were multifaceted and involved several key points:

  1. Payment of Interest: The Regulatory Authority initially directed Era Realtors to pay interest on amounts collected after May 2017. However, the Appellate Tribunal expanded this to include interest on the entire amount received from the respondents, citing delays in project completion and consumer protection as primary concerns.
  2. Developer’s Arguments: Era Realtors argued against the Tribunal’s decision, claiming that interest should only be paid on amounts collected after the implementation of RERA. They contended that the Tribunal erred in entertaining the appeal filed by the respondents.
  3. Respondents’ Standpoint: Prakash Shah and Niket Shah supported the Tribunal’s decision, highlighting the significant delays in project completion caused by Era Realtors. They emphasized the hardships faced by allottees and justified the Tribunal’s ruling on interest payment.

Complex Legal Considerations:

The case underscores the intricate legal considerations involved in real estate disputes, particularly regarding the payment of interest and developers’ responsibilities towards allottees. The rulings reflect a balance between consumer protection and the financial implications for developers.


The Era Realtors vs. Prakash Shah & Niket Shah case exemplifies the complexities of legal disputes in the real estate sector. By analyzing the rulings and arguments presented, we gain insights into the multifaceted nature of such cases and the challenges they pose for all parties involved.

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