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By SRELJ Bureau

Government of Maharashtra have decided to discontinue physical registration of leave and license Agreement in Maharashtra. Now till July 2020 all leave and license agreements shall be registered online only. There will be no physical presence of parties to the leave and rent agreements in Maharashtra.

Government of Maharashtra have decided to avoid any rush at registration centres. To keep social distancing, Govt had announced that till July 2020 there will be no physical registration of the leave and license agreements.

The module is developed and made available by the Department of Stamps and Registration.
It provides facility of online registration of Leave and License Agreement to citizen.
Citizen can,
      1) Prepare the agreement       5) Submit it for registration
      2) View the draft                    6) Get it registered
      3) Modify if required               7) Get the status of registration through SMS
      4) Execute (sign) it
All these activities can be performed from anywhere anytime, without going physically to Sub Registrar Office.
19 thoughts on “Physical Registration of Leave and License agreements discontinued till July 2020 in Maharashtra”
  1. Things were smooth online till such time government decided to withdraw from normal citizens and give license to selected preferred individuals. Let the government first withdraw the notification and allow all citizens to do online registration.

  2. Why do we need to register leave and license agreements at all ?.They may be stamped to avoid reveneu loss Leave and license does not crate any right in property.We talk of ease of doing business .Let us get away with this red tapism So much of load in subregistrar will be reduced

  3. Hello admin

    Kindly refer the circular again. It says leave and license physical registration has been discontinued up to end of July 2020 and not from July 2020

  4. Online leave and licence registration is best but some problem,,like some time reject from registrar site,and missalence colam no space to mention all normal points in please give more space to mention all points in favour of owner and yes one more request any setting for registration licensor place register in nearest advocate and licensee register his nesrest advocate so it is comfertable for all

  5. The statement of Mr. Amarjit Singh Ghai is misleading, in actuals any Indian could have applied for authorisation licenses after passing through the grilling process of Police verification and meeting criteria. What unauthorized persons were doing was that they were charging exhorbitantly than the prescribed tariffs. In some cases they were preparing LL Agreements online and giving fake Agreements to unsuspecting owners. It was only after this menace exceeded high proportions that the department of Registrations and Stamps issued User ID and Passwords to Authorised Service Providers and the decision was correct. The department was bleeding of revenue too.

  6. How many pages will the online system accept?
    Will the no. Of pages be limited and will the format of agreement be the same for all?

    Can the format be changed to include specific clauses?

  7. Please change article immediately. Circular says rent agreement registration is stopped till July ending. It’s till end of July 2020 not from. Please tell to translate who knows marathi.

  8. As per circular physical registration of Leave and licence agreement is not possible upto 31 July 2020. Please refer clause no. 3.1.

    Please do not circulate this wrong news.

  9. If it has made mandatory the draft should cover all the clauses, at present draft agreement covers only 50%-60% of required clauses or they should allow to add more words than 1000 characters.

  10. Dear Reader,

    As rightly pointed out, a mistake from translator appeared in the story. It is now rectified. It is TILL July 2020 and not FROM 2020.
    Mistake is regretted.


  11. Online leave & licence is good.
    Me more space to cover all points from licensor side.
    Gope lalwani

  12. Let Outright Registration also be done by keeping the distance maintain and Let the Leave n License be normally done
    Along with police clearance Let there be permission given by the police for transportation too n at least 4 workers too. All can earn the bread butter.

  13. How to do online registration because for online registration you have to give thumb impression for which movement of the parties, the agent who has thumb impression device is required. How to do this online?

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