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By Maharashtra Bureau

Municipal Corporation Commissioner, Ajoy Mehta at the meeting of the Mumbai City District Planning Committee on Tuesday said the number of vehicles in Mumbai city is increasing day by day due to which it parking has become a serious problem. Municipal Corporation has planned to overcome the problem of parking and the parking authority will be set up soon for Mumbai. For this, by appointing some planning officers, they will inspect the parking lots.

MLA Kiran Pawaskar has raised the issue of road traffic and parking. Mehta said parking in the city is a serious problem. Some buildings have parking facilities, but they do not get permission to raise their height. Efforts will be made to increase the height of the parking space. Apart from this, parking authority will be set up to take the route to the parking lot.

This Authority will work on parking problems in the city. Authority will look after places where heavy traffic and solve the issue and for BMC has also appointed 24 planning officers to study the place.

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