Karnataka RERA Orders Owners' Association to Complete Delayed Project
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The Jammu and Kashmir Real Estate Regulatory Authority (J&K RERA) is taking decisive action to enforce transparency and accountability in the region’s real estate sector. This initiative involves issuing notices to non-registered developers, leveraging data from the JDA, SDA, JMC, and SMC. The proactive approach underscores the authority’s commitment to upholding the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016, designed to regulate and promote the real estate sector, ensure transaction transparency, protect consumer interests, and expedite dispute resolution.

Enforcing Registration Compliance

A critical provision of the Act is Section 3(1), which mandates that real estate projects must be registered with RERA before any advertisement, marketing, booking, sale, or offer for sale can occur. Non-compliance with this regulation not only violates the legislative intent but also puts consumers at significant risk in an opaque market.

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J&K RERA’s readiness to issue notices to non-registered developers highlights its dedication to enforcing the law. Penalties for non-compliance can be severe, including fines up to 10% of the project cost and potential imprisonment for up to three years for persistent offenders.

Addressing Compliance Gaps

Despite the authority’s efforts to guide developers through the registration process, a significant gap in compliance remains. This reluctance or negligence on the part of developers not only contravenes legal requirements but also demonstrates a disregard for consumer rights and market fairness. By enforcing the registration mandate, J&K RERA aims to protect and empower real estate consumers. The Act also requires real estate agents to register, ensuring they can legally facilitate transactions involving registered projects. However, only one agent has registered with J&K RERA to date, indicating a significant compliance issue.

Benefits of Registration

Registration ensures that developers adhere to essential infrastructure requirements, such as minimum lane widths, parking spaces, provision of parks, market facilities, connectivity with main roads, access to drinking water, and proper land usage. These factors are crucial from a consumer’s perspective. By registering with RERA, developers commit to the proper development of residential areas, equipped with all the basic amenities.

Continuous Compliance and Accountability

The Act empowers RERA to revoke registrations if promoters default on their obligations, violate approval terms, or engage in unfair practices. This provision ensures continuous compliance, fostering ongoing accountability and ethical practices. The authority’s ability to act against unauthorized layouts adds another layer of consumer protection, ensuring that only legally sanctioned developments are marketed and sold.

The impending notices to non-registered developers serve as a wake-up call for the real estate sector in Jammu and Kashmir. Compliance with the Act is not optional but mandatory. Consumers, the ultimate beneficiaries of such regulations, can engage in real estate transactions with greater confidence and security. The integrity of the real estate market is fundamental to economic stability and consumer trust. By holding developers accountable, J&K RERA is safeguarding consumer interests and paving the way for a more robust and transparent real estate ecosystem in Jammu and Kashmir. Streamlining real estate business practices is in everyone’s interest.

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