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The Karnataka State Government has recently issued a notification inviting applications for the post of Chairperson of the Karnataka Real Estate Regulatory Authority (K-RERA). This move comes after the retirement of HC Kishore Chandra, a retired Director General of Police who had been serving as the K-RERA chairperson since May 2021. Homebuyers across the state are now voicing their concerns and demanding a more qualified and knowledgeable individual to fill this crucial position.

Criteria for the K-RERA Chairperson

According to Section 22 of the RERA Act, the candidate for the RERA Chairperson’s post must have at least 20 years of professional experience in fields such as urban development, housing, real estate development, infrastructure, economics, planning, law, commerce, accountancy, industry, management, social service, public affairs, or administration.

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This extensive experience is crucial for ensuring that the Chairperson has the necessary expertise to handle the complexities of the real estate sector.

Concerns Raised by Homebuyers

Homebuyers are urging the state government to appoint an individual with significant experience and integrity for the K-RERA Chairperson position. There is widespread concern that appointing individuals without real estate expertise, such as retired police officers, will not adequately address the issues faced by homebuyers. Commander Surendra, a retired Naval veteran, expressed his concerns, stating, “The state government appointed HC Kishore Chandra as K-RERA Chairperson and former Karnataka Director General of Police Neelamani Raju as its member. Both of them are not familiar with issues related to real estate. K-RERA should not become a rehabilitation centre for retired officers in the good books of the government.”

Challenges and Pending Issues

Homebuyers have also expressed frustration with the backlog of pending cases and the failure of K-RERA to enforce orders against builders who violate norms. Dhananjaya Padmanabhachar, Sanchalak of the Karnataka Home Buyers Forum, highlighted these issues, stating, “Home buyers in Karnataka are not getting justice under RERA because of the lack of proper directions from the RERA Chairman in the past. Complaints are not addressed on time, orders are not executed, and there is no direction on Apartment Allottees Association registration and Common Area Transfer as per Section 17 of RERA from 2017.”

The Need for Competent Leadership

Padmanabhachar emphasized the need for a knowledgeable and experienced RERA Chairperson who can effectively implement the RERA Act to benefit homebuyers in Karnataka. He pointed out that other states have successfully implemented Section 17 and provided clear directions, something Karnataka has struggled with. Homebuyers hope that the new appointment will bring a change and ensure that their grievances are addressed promptly and effectively.


The appointment of a qualified K-RERA Chairperson is crucial for restoring confidence among homebuyers in Karnataka. It is essential that the state government prioritizes expertise and integrity in its selection process to ensure that the new Chairperson can effectively address the challenges faced by homebuyers and enforce the provisions of the RERA Act. The future of real estate regulation in Karnataka depends on this critical decision, and homebuyers are eagerly awaiting a positive change.

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