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Form No. – 20(1)

[Under the Bye-law No.38 (a)]

A Form of Notice of intention of a member to transfer his Shares and

interest in the Capital/Property of the Society.


The Secretary,

______________________________________Co-op. Housing Society Ltd.,





member of ________________________________________________________ Co-operative
Housing Society Ltd., having address at___________________________________________________


and holding five fully paid up shares of Rupees Fifty each, bearing distinctive numbers
from ____________ to ____________ (both inclusive) and the Flat No. ____________ admeasuring
__________ sq.mtrs., in the building of the society, numbered known as
___________________________ hereby give you notice as required under Rule 24 of the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies
Rules, 1961, as under :

I / We Shri / Shrimati / M/s. ___________________________________________________________


intend to transfer my/our shareas and my/our right, title and interest in the flat in the building of
the society and my/our interest in the capital of the society to Shri/Shrimati/ M/s. _____________________


for consideration of Rs. ___________________________.

The consent of the transferee is given overleaf.

Yours faithfully,

Place :

Date :

Encl : 1) Consent letter from the transferee.





7 thoughts on “Society Forms: Form No. – 20(1) [Under the Bye-law No.38 (a)]”
  1. very good details about forms of co-operative society, but i could not find the form for the transferee , if transferee is a ” COMPANY” . plz guide me for whether same form 23 can be used inthis case ????

  2. in application form no 21, form 20(1), form 20(2) form 23, form 25, form 26
    what date should we fill up please guide me.

  3. All forms, housing society related not available. Application form for associate member of housing society is not available.

  4. i want the form no3 which is required to be submitted in the society to get the flat transfer in the name of purchaser

  5. For the purpose mentioned below, Please advise me as to where I cna find form “H1” ?  :

    “Registrar of Cooperative Societies. 
     The registrar has the authority to make you a “deemed member” which the society must honor. In fact, transfer charges apart, even if you are being denied membership over some personal issue. a “H1″ form obtained from the Registrar is to be submitted to the Registrar Coop Housing Societies.”

    Your help would be appreciated.

    Kind regards

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