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By Staff Reporter

As per the list displayed on MahaRERA’s web site, 61 projects in Thane district out of 4389 projects in Maharashtra as lapsed for various reasons. These projects are either have not applied for the extension of completion date on MahaRERA website nor have complied with statutory compliances. These projects are spread in Bhiwandi, Ambernath, Kalyan, Ulhasnagar, Shahpur and other areas of Thane city.

Allottees of these projects are making groups and have starting dialogue to revive thses projects. Following are the list of lapsed projects:

4324 Mukta Builder MUKTA AASHIYANA P51700004190 30-03-2022 Thane Thane Konkan
4325 SCARLET BUILDERS & DEVELOPER SEAWOODS HEIGHT P51700007564 07-01-2022 Thane Thane Konkan
4326 VASTUSANKALP DEVELOPERS PUNYODAYA RIO TYPE B P51700011248 30-03-2022 Thane Kalyan Konkan
4327 RAJESH ESTATES AND NIRMAN PVT LTD Raj Torres Phase II Wing A Wing B Wing C Wing D Wing E P51700008352 30-03-2022 Thane Thane Konkan
4328 HEMENDRA PRANJIVAN BOSMIYA RASHMI SWASTIK NAGAR P51700009852 30-01-2022 Thane Thane Konkan
4329 MAGNUS ENTERPRISES PRIME NEST P51700009454 30-03-2022 Thane Thane Konkan
4330 Sankalp Developers Royal Villas P51700007340 31-01-2022 Thane Shahapur Konkan
4331 Waterfront Buildcon LLP Tropical Panache P51700013295 30-03-2022 Thane Thane Konkan
4332 Shashwat Homes Shashwat Park 1-AB P51700014005 30-03-2022 Thane Ambarnath Konkan
4333 RAJENDRA YASHWANT PATIL RELAX COUNTY – B – PHASE 2 P51700014335 30-03-2022 Thane Shahapur Konkan
4334 YADAV BRO”S CONSTRUCTIONS HRISHA P51700015337 30-01-2022 Thane Ambarnath Konkan
4335 SAISH CONSTRUCTION SAI ANANDI HEIGHTS P51700015394 30-03-2022 Thane Kalyan Konkan
4336 ROYAL REALTY ROYAL PARK P51700016256 25-01-2022 Thane Ambarnath Konkan
4337 SHIV SAGAR DEVELOPERS & BUILDERS RADHA VASANT VIHAR WING – R1 P51700016094 30-03-2022 Thane Ulhasnagar Konkan
4338 Rohit Balaram Choudhari Sonadevi Heights P51700016303 30-03-2022 Thane Bhiwandi Konkan
4339 SHREE YASH DEVELOPERS PARADISE P51700016451 30-03-2022 Thane Thane Konkan
4340 MAHARASHTRA HOUSING AND AREA DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY Constructing EWS and LIG Tenements under PMAY on S No 86 95 and 133 at Shirdhon Tal Kalyan DistThane P51700016820 25-03-2022 Thane Kalyan Konkan
4341 Mahaveer reality URBAN GRAND P51700017964 30-03-2022 Thane Kalyan Konkan
4343 J S S BUILDERS AND DEVELOPERS SANGAM CHS LTD P51700018561 30-03-2022 Thane Ambarnath Konkan
4344 DEVENDRA DAMODAR PATIL SAI SIDDHI RESIDENCY P51700018663 30-03-2022 Thane Kalyan Konkan
4345 MIRZA HOMES PRIVATE LIMITED TRANQUIL PARADISE P51700019163 30-03-2022 Thane Thane Konkan
4347 TULSI REALITY BALARAM RESIDENCY P51700019697 30-03-2022 Thane Kalyan Konkan
4348 Pacific Creations Milestone P51700019818 30-03-2022 Thane Kalyan Konkan
4349 RAJAI DEVELOPERS PAWAN P51700020494 23-03-2022 Thane Ambarnath Konkan
4350 SHIVALIK DEVELOPERS VEDANT KALASH P51700020811 30-03-2022 Thane Ambarnath Konkan
4351 ANUP SHYAM KARNANI THE WOODS P51700021238 30-03-2022 Thane Bhiwandi Konkan
4352 SIDDHIVINAYAK HOMES SEAGREEN SAPPHIRE P51700021273 30-03-2022 Thane Ulhasnagar Konkan
4353 MAHAVIR ENTERPRISES MAHAVIR PARADISE PHASE IV WING A P51700021364 30-03-2022 Thane Ambarnath Konkan
4354 Trinity Developers TRINITY GALAXY R5 P51700021561 30-03-2022 Thane Ambarnath Konkan
4355 RAJAI DEVELOPERS UMA SHANKAR P51700023684 30-03-2022 Thane Ambarnath Konkan
4356 VIVEK BARVE 67 Tenements, 9 shops at survey no.209,,12 near building no.18,22 vartaknagar,Thane P51700024260 30-03-2022 Thane Thane Konkan
4357 ADITI BUILDERS HIRA SADAN P51700023797 30-03-2022 Thane Ambarnath Konkan
4358 SANDESH ENTERPRISES SWARAJ ORCHID P51700024331 30-03-2022 Thane Ambarnath Konkan
4359 SUMIT ENTERPRISES NEW SUYOG CHS P51700024581 30-03-2022 Thane Ambarnath Konkan
4360 CHINTAMANI RAGHUNATH AWSARE VANDANA LODGING AND BOARDING P51700028487 15-01-2022 Thane Ambarnath Konkan
4361 SIDDHIVINAYAK ENTERPRISE MAA GAURI P51700029231 31-03-2022 Thane Ulhasnagar Konkan
4362 MANDAR CONSTRUCTION (MUKUND BALU KENI HUF) GLENMARK P51700030587 31-03-2022 Thane Thane Konkan
4363 SARASWATI CORP MEERA AVALON P51700000986 28-02-2022 Thane Ambarnath Konkan
4364 OM SAI LAND DEVELOPERS SARVODAY AANAND P51700000725 30-03-2022 Thane Kalyan Konkan
4365 Poddar Housing and Development Limited SAMRUDDHI EVERGREENS PHASE-4C P51700009156 30-03-2022 Thane Ambarnath Konkan
4366 TRINITY CONSTRUCTION CO. KAILASH HEIGHTS P51700006977 01-02-2022 Thane Thane Konkan
4367 OMKAR ENTERPRISES EKNATH TOWER P51700012364 30-03-2022 Thane Kalyan Konkan
4368 SAIJI BUILDERS MARATHE EMPIRE P51700009808 30-03-2022 Thane Kalyan Konkan
4369 Offbeat Tech Park LLP Ajmera Heritage – Phase 1 P51700011840 30-03-2022 Thane Shahapur Konkan
4370 Good Earth Build Well Private Limited Jainam Greens P51700009367 30-03-2022 Thane Bhiwandi Konkan
4371 VAISHNAVI HOUSING REALTY LLP LAABH ENCLAVE- PHASE 2 P51700011559 30-03-2022 Thane Thane Konkan
4372 M/s. Shubham Karoti Enterprises M/s. Shubham Karoti Complex Phase – III P51700005686 30-03-2022 Thane Ambarnath Konkan
4373 SKHEIGHTS PVT LTD iMPERIAL HEIGHTS P51700008172 30-03-2022 Thane Thane Konkan
4374 SHAFI ABDUL KADAR SYED MAGNUS MARYAM P51700012789 30-03-2022 Thane Thane Konkan
4375 Gaurivinayak Builders and Developers Pvt Ltd SHUBHAM PARADISE ABCDEF WING P51700008826 28-02-2022 Thane Kalyan Konkan
4376 PEACE ENTERPRISES PEACE PARK P51700010786 30-03-2022 Thane Thane Konkan
4377 Shubham Enterprises PIONEER PARK 2 P51700010557 30-03-2022 Thane Thane Konkan
4378 MORESHWAR CONSTRUCTION PARSHURAM TOWER P51700016130 29-03-2022 Thane Kalyan Konkan
4379 ANJANA SAHEBRAO CHAVAN SAI VYANKATESH P51700016410 30-03-2022 Thane Kalyan Konkan
4380 SANGHVI PREMISES PVT LTD BELLA MONTE P51700016698 30-03-2022 Thane Thane Konkan
4381 RNA Builders (NG) N G VALENCIA PHASE II P51700016924 29-03-2022 Thane Thane Konkan
4382 SAI MERE ENTERPRISES SAI MERE GALAXY P51700021769 30-03-2022 Thane Ulhasnagar Konkan
4383 Happy Home Residency Happy Home Residency CD P51700022362 30-03-2022 Thane Thane Konkan
4384 SHUBH ASSOCIATES SHUBH ARCADE P51700025177 30-03-2022 Thane Ambarnath Konkan

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