Affordable Housing
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By Staff Reporter

The Haryana cabinet has announced amendments to the Deen Dayal Jan Awas Yojana (DDJAY) Affordable Plotted Housing Policy-2016, specifically targeting medium and low potential towns. The decision to revise the policy comes in response to the observed preference for plotted colonies over group housing in these towns.

In an official statement, a spokesperson highlighted that the amendment aims to address the limited growth points in smaller towns and tailor the policy to better suit their characteristics. The key amendment introduces caps on the net planned areas for DDJAY licenses based on the total licensed area of a town.

According to the amendment, if the total DDJAY licensed area of a town is less than 10% of the total area of the residential zone (excluding the area under the existing town) as per the final development plan, certain caps will be implemented. Initially, a cap of 60% on the net planned area for DDJAY licenses in each sector will be in place until it reaches 5%. Subsequently, there will be a cap of 50% on the net planned area until it reaches 10%.

The spokesperson further explained that as soon as the 10% limit of the residential zone is breached, a cap of 40% of the net planned area for DDJAY licenses in a sector will immediately become applicable.

These amendments are designed to provide a balanced and effective approach to residential development, considering the specific dynamics of medium and low potential towns. By introducing these caps, the Haryana cabinet aims to regulate the distribution of DDJAY licenses, ensuring sustainable and planned growth in these areas.

The revisions align with the state’s commitment to affordable housing and the promotion of plotted developments, catering to the preferences and needs of residents in various towns across Haryana.


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