Housing Policy
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By Staff Reporter

Kerala is on the verge of unveiling a new housing policy that caters to the unique challenges faced by the state, with a focus on climate change and the integration of innovative technologies. The announcement was made by Minister for Revenue and Housing K. Rajan during the inauguration of the state’s first 3D-printed building, AMAZE-28, on the Kerala State Nirmithi Kendra (Kesnik) campus.

AMAZE-28, designed as a demonstration project, is a summer house developed by Tvasta, a Chennai-based construction tech start-up in collaboration with the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. The building was completed in just 28 days, showcasing the efficiency of locally developed 3D printing technology.

Minister Rajan emphasized the need for the new housing policy to address the challenges faced by the state, including climate change. He highlighted the importance of incorporating new technologies and green construction techniques in the housing sector to enhance sustainability.

As part of the state’s initiatives, steps have been taken to transfer land for the construction of a National Housing Park spanning six acres at Vazhamuttom. The park is set to accommodate nearly 40 structures of various designs, promoting diversity in housing solutions. Additionally, plans include strengthening storerooms to provide construction materials at affordable rates in all districts, along with the availability of mobile quality labs.

The Minister stressed the importance of discussing unified construction techniques to streamline the building process, ensuring efficiency and reasonable costs for housing projects.

In recognition of excellence, merit awards were presented to Nirmithi Kendra employees, and education awards were given to their children during the event. The emphasis on innovation and sustainability in Kerala’s housing policy aligns with the state’s commitment to providing modern, eco-friendly, and resilient housing solutions for its residents.


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