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By Dr. Sanjay Chaturvedi, LLB, PhD

Whosoever is responsible, Thane crash is a crash on humanity and profit mongers have once again won in the battle. All have supported them either with commissioning or with intentional omission. Agencies, authorities, bureaucracy and the absconding cowards, all hand in glove for such criminal Act. All should be punished with criminal conspiracy.

We had Laxmi Chhaya, we had many such dilapidated buildings in MMR and every time it happens, we read budgeted texts in newspapers, state gives its sympathy and some compensation, and we go on, living dangerously. We have cess structure and MHADA is milking the opportunities given by such Cess structures in Island city. Right from hearing cases, evoking section 195 and other sections of MHADA Act, it ridicules the process by vetoing its authority. But at a pace which will take at least nect 50 years to complete the redevelopment of such Cess building which requires immediate repairs and attention. Just pasting a notice on such dilapidated building will not help. We need a comprehensive policy and political Will to address the situation.

Age old Act and buildings, all are happening to further loss of human life. Government enjoying the hibernation wants to push the problem to new age and new government. The poor administrative skill of government and poor governance among various department and competition to hike bribe money in every transaction, housing is crashed in the state.

A mere push was required on the poor housing structure in the state and which government did it by enhancing taxation and rigid and complex documentation and transaction cost which includes “Liasioning Money” or “Speed Money” or “Corporate Lobbying Fees”. All terminology is admissible allowance under Income Tax Act. This has resulted in a total crash of housing sector. Wait…. the picture is still remaining. The state government is planning to enhance Stamp Duty rates.

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