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The Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority MahaRERA new website in final stages. The new website, called MahaRERA-CRITI (Complaint and Regulatory Integrated Technology Implementation), will be a significant upgrade from the existing website, which was launched in 2017.

The new website will be more user-friendly and will offer a number of features that will be beneficial to both homebuyers and developers.

For homebuyers, the new website will:

  • Make it easier to file complaints
  • Provide easy access to project information, including the project’s health summary
  • Allow homebuyers to track the status of their complaints

For developers, the new website will:

  • Make it easier to submit the required forms, such as Form 1, 2, 3 and 5
  • Provide a single platform for all MahaRERA-related transactions

The new website is expected to be launched by the end of February. Once the new website is launched, the existing website will be suspended for a few days for technical reasons.

MahaRERA believes that the new website will help to increase transparency, accountability, and efficiency in the real estate sector.

Benefits of the new website

The new website has a number of benefits for both homebuyers and developers, including:

  • Increased transparency: The new website will provide more information to homebuyers about the projects they are considering investing in. This will help homebuyers to make more informed decisions.
  • Improved accountability: The new website will make it easier for homebuyers to file complaints against developers. This will help to ensure that developers are held accountable for their actions.
  • Increased efficiency: The new website will make it easier for developers to submit the required forms and to track the status of their projects. This will help to save time and money.

The new website is a welcome development for the real estate sector in Maharashtra. It is a step in the right direction to protect the interests of homebuyers and ensure that the sector is fair and transparent.

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