Punjab's Revenue Department
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The recent guidelines issued by Punjab’s Revenue Department have brought about a wave of confusion and frustration among plot holders in approved colonies, as they struggle to register their sale deeds. The new regulations, intended to clamp down on unauthorized colonies, have inadvertently led to the harassment of property owners in legitimate colonies.

New Guidelines and Their Impact:

The Revenue Department’s new guidelines require plot holders to provide specific details such as the license number issued by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), information about the colonizer, the date of issuance of the colonizer’s license, and a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the concerned regulatory authority. These stipulations have created a chaotic situation at sub-registrars’ offices, causing delays and hindrances in the registration process.

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Distinguishing Approved and Illegal Colonies:

A senior Revenue Department official stated that the new instructions clearly differentiate between approved and illegal colonies. The introduction of the NOC requirement from the enforcing authority, either the Local Government or the Housing Department, aims to verify the legitimacy of colonies. However, the lack of clarity in these instructions has resulted in unnecessary complications for property owners in approved colonies.

Lack of Clarity and Its Consequences:

Gurvinder Singh Lamba, general secretary of the Punjab Colonisers’ and Property Dealers’ Association, highlighted the ambiguity in the new guidelines. He explained that projects approved before 1995 or before RERA’s inception do not have provisions for an NOC or RERA number. Lamba urged the Revenue Department to categorize cases more accurately, as the current broad classifications are causing undue hardship for property owners.

Software Limitations and Registration Hurdles:

The Revenue Department has directed the Local Government and Housing Department to publish lists of licensed projects, including area details and approved layout plans. These lists should specify cases where NOCs are not required for sale deed registration. However, the software used for registration does not support these instructions, causing further complications.

Despite provisions exempting certain properties from NOC requirements, property owners are still facing difficulties during subsequent sales or purchases.

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The Punjab government’s initiative to curb unauthorized colonies is commendable, but the new guidelines have unintentionally created obstacles for property owners in approved colonies. To resolve this issue, the Revenue Department must revise the guidelines, clarify ambiguities, and update the registration software to ensure a smooth and hassle-free registration process for legitimate plot holders.


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