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The real estate regulatory authority (RERA) in Gurugram has taken a decisive step by rejecting the project extension application of Godrej Developers and Properties LLP due to prolonged non-compliance with the Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Act 2016. This move has significant implications for Godrej’s ongoing group housing project, Godrej Air Phase 4, located in Sector 85 of Gurugram.

Non-Compliance and Rejection:

Despite several reminders from RERA, Godrej Properties failed to rectify deficiencies in their application for project extension. These deficiencies included issues related to license renewal, discrepancies in bank balance details provided in quarterly progress reports (QPR), and discrepancies in the CA certificate. The rejection comes after Godrej applied for an extension of the registration, seeking more time to complete the project under Section 6 of the RERA Act.

Authority’s Action:

RERA Gurugram, after scrutinizing the application, granted ample time to Godrej to rectify the deficiencies. However, upon failure to do so, the Authority sent a final show cause notice in February, receiving no response from the promoter. Consequently, the Authority rejected the extension application and ordered the freezing of the project’s bank account, ensuring compliance with the decision.

Warning to Godrej Properties and Public Caution:

In addition to rejecting the application and freezing the project’s account, RERA has cautioned Godrej Properties against creating any third-party rights. Furthermore, the general public has been advised to refrain from booking any property in the project until further notice.

Godrej Properties’ Response:

As of now, there has been no response from Godrej Properties regarding the developments. Any updates on their response will be provided once received.

Financial Performance:

Despite the setback in Gurugram, Godrej Properties has shown robust sales performance in other projects. Notably, they achieved significant sales figures in projects like Godrej Reserve in Kandivali, Mumbai, Godrej Aristocrat, and Godrej Tropical Isle in Noida during the specified periods.

Conclusion: The rejection of Godrej’s project extension application by Gurugram RERA underscores the importance of compliance with regulations in the real estate sector. It serves as a reminder to developers to adhere to RERA guidelines to ensure transparency and protection for homebuyers. Meanwhile, stakeholders await further developments in this matter, including any response from Godrej Properties.

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