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The Telangana Real Estate Regulatory Authority (TS-RERA) is taking significant steps to enhance its capabilities and foster sustainable infrastructure development in the region, as stated by its Chairman, N. Satyanarayana. At an interactive session with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in Telangana, he reaffirmed the authority’s commitment to expediting the registration process and implementing innovative technologies like mobile app & QR Codes.

TS-RERA has been known for its efficiency, issuing real estate agent registrations in just 48 hours and builders’ registrations within the same timeframe. To further streamline the registration procedures, the authority is actively working on developing a mobile application and integrating QR code technology. These technological enhancements aim to make the registration process more accessible and efficient for stakeholders in the real estate industry.

In its pursuit of promoting sustainable and cost-effective infrastructure development, TS-RERA teams have conducted visits to urbanized cities, gathering valuable insights and best practices. These successful case studies are now being adapted and applied in Telangana, with the overarching goal of facilitating comprehensive urban development in the city.

CII-TS Chairman, C. Shekar Reddy, highlighted the remarkable growth of the real estate industry in Telangana, largely attributed to the effective implementation of government policies. He mentioned that Telangana’s regulations are considered a successful model, even beyond state boundaries, specifically in New Delhi. The collaboration between CII and various associations is also contributing to the creation of affordable and environmentally sustainable housing solutions.

M. Goutham Reddy, the Convener of CII Telangana Infra & Real Estate Panel, acknowledged the positive impact of TS-RERA on the sector. He pointed out that addressing minor gaps can further elevate Hyderabad’s status as a leading city in the country, ensuring sustainable growth and development.

Key stakeholders from the real estate industry, including Maheep Singh Thapar, Convener of CII Telangana Infra & Real Estate Panel, V Rajashekar Reddy, President of CREDAI, B. Suneelchandra Reddy, President of NAREDCO, and CEO Saurabh Tyagi, also shared their insights during the interactive session.

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