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The Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority (U.P. RERA) has provided clarity on the execution of sale deeds in completed projects developed by Ansal API within the Sushant Golf High-Tech Township. This clarification aims to address concerns and facilitate the smooth transition of possession for allottees in these projects.

Completion Certificates Issued

Ansal API has obtained completion certificates for three projects within the township: Santushti Enclave-I, Paradise Crystal, and Celebrity Garden. These certificates were acquired before the establishment of RERA in 2016, signaling the successful completion of these projects.

No Restriction on Sale Deeds

U.P. RERA has clarified that there is no restriction on executing sale deeds in favor of allottees for projects with issued completion certificates. Allottees are entitled to obtain possession of their homes through duly registered sale deeds, provided there are no disputes regarding possession or title of the project land or units.

Emphasis on Compliance

The clarification issued by U.P. RERA underscores the importance of compliance with regulatory requirements and adherence to legal protocols. While the completion of projects signifies a milestone achievement, it is essential for promoters to ensure transparency and address any potential issues before executing sale deeds.

Reference to Previous Orders

The clarification by U.P. RERA is in reference to its order dated June 26, 2023, which addressed concerns related to incomplete projects within the Sushant Golf City High-Tech Township of Ansal API. By providing clarity on the sale deed process for completed projects, U.P. RERA aims to alleviate uncertainties and facilitate the transition for allottees.

Utilization of Funds

In addition to clarifying the sale deed process, U.P. RERA has instructed Ansal API to utilize funds collected from such registries solely for making payments to allottees against recovery challans issued by the authority. This directive ensures transparency and accountability in the utilization of project funds.


The clarification provided by U.P. RERA regarding the execution of sale deeds in completed projects by Ansal API demonstrates the authority’s commitment to promoting transparency and protecting the interests of homebuyers. By addressing concerns and providing clear guidelines, U.P. RERA aims to facilitate a seamless transition for allottees and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

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