Maharera Salokha Mancha
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In a bid to bolster the efficiency and efficacy of Maharera’s Salokha Mancha, a two-day refresher study camp was recently held in Mumbai. The camp, organized in collaboration with Maharashtra National Law University, Powai, saw the participation of 80 members from self-regulatory bodies and consumer panchayats across the state.

Salokha Manchas, or conciliation forums, play a pivotal role in providing homebuyer complainants with a viable platform for grievance redressal. With 52 such forums currently operational in the state, Maharera aims to further enhance their functionality through comprehensive training and knowledge exchange initiatives.

The study camp was inaugurated by Sanjay Deshmukh, Chief Adviser to Maharera, and attended by esteemed dignitaries including senior members of developers’ self-regulatory organizations and prominent legal experts. During the camp, participants were guided by renowned Supreme Court lawyer, J. P. Singh, and were briefed on various aspects of the real estate sector, including regulatory provisions, dispute resolution mechanisms, and emerging challenges.

The forums, comprising experienced representatives from developers’ self-regulatory bodies and consumer panchayats, grapple with new challenges on a daily basis. To equip them with the requisite skills and knowledge, the study camp focused on imparting insights into day-to-day changes in the real estate landscape, legal provisions, and the importance of impartiality and neutrality in dispute resolution.

Participants had the opportunity to engage with senior officials from Maharera and self-regulatory bodies, facilitating knowledge-sharing and fostering a deeper understanding of best practices in grievance redressal. The interactive sessions enabled members to exchange experiences and seek guidance on addressing complex issues.

Currently, the 52 operational conciliation forums have successfully resolved the grievances of 1470 homebuyers, underscoring their significance in the realm of consumer protection. However, with 775 pending cases, there remains a pressing need to bolster the capacity and efficiency of these forums to ensure timely and effective redressal for all stakeholders.

In conclusion, the refresher study camp organized by Maharera represents a proactive step towards enhancing the functionality of Salokha Manchas and strengthening consumer protection mechanisms in the real estate sector. By equipping members with updated knowledge and skills, Maharera aims to foster a culture of transparency, accountability, and fair dispute resolution in the industry.

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