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The Karnataka state government has pledged to take prompt measures to appoint the chairperson and members to the Real Estate Regulatory Appellate (RERA) Tribunal, ensuring the efficient functioning of the tribunal without delay. This assurance comes in response to concerns raised by the High Court regarding the vacancy in key positions within the tribunal.

The assurance was given during a hearing at the High Court in response to a petition filed by Mathew John, a Bengaluru resident, seeking directions to consider his representation for appointment to the vacant posts. The petitioner highlighted the pending appeal filed by a promoter challenging certain orders, which has been awaiting resolution for eight months due to the vacancy in the appellate tribunal.

Under Section 22 of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority, it is mandated that vacancies in key positions within the tribunal be filled promptly to ensure the uninterrupted continuation of proceedings. The court emphasized the importance of timely appointments, especially considering that all orders passed by RERA are subject to appeal, and the appellate tribunal is required to dispose of appeals within 60 days.

Advocate General Shashikiran Shetty assured the court that the appointment process for the vacant positions, including the impending retirement of a member in April, will be initiated within the next three weeks. This proactive approach aims to prevent any vacuum in the functioning of the tribunal and ensure that petitioners can seek timely redressal of their grievances.

The commitment from the state government to expedite the appointment process underscores its dedication to upholding the principles of transparency and accountability within the real estate regulatory framework. By swiftly filling vacant positions in the RERA Tribunal, the government aims to instill confidence in stakeholders and facilitate the fair and efficient resolution of disputes in the real estate sector.

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