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Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (Maharera) has taken a proactive step towards ensuring quality construction in housing projects. Recognizing the importance of structural integrity, material quality, and workmanship in delivering high-standard housing, Maharera has introduced a draft “Self-certification Declaration of Quality Assurance of Constructions.” This initiative aims to empower developers to take responsibility for the quality of their projects and provide customers with assurance regarding the standards maintained.


In response to concerns about post-handover defects and customer dissatisfaction, Maharera released a consultation paper in December, seeking inputs on enhancing the quality of housing projects. Based on received feedback, Maharera has developed a comprehensive circular and manifesto outlining standardized procedures and standards for constructions.

Transitional Phase:

During the initial transition phase, developers can voluntarily adopt the self-certification system. Maharera will recognize and publicize the names of participating developers on its website, enhancing their credibility in the eyes of potential customers. However, after the transition period, adherence to the self-certification system will become mandatory for all developers.

Defect Grace Period:

To further protect customer interests, Maharera has introduced a defect grace period provision. Developers are required to rectify any defects in the house within 30 days at their own expense, within five years from the date of transfer.

Quality Assurance Measures:

The self-certification process encompasses various aspects of construction quality, including:

  • Structural Design and Stability: Ensuring structural engineers are appointed, soil testing is conducted, and anti-seismic measures are in place.
  • Material Quality: Use of certified materials and testing of water suitability for construction.
  • Workmanship: Supervision by registered engineers to prevent leakages and dampness.
  • Quality Testing: Conducting quality tests during construction and post-completion, along with fire safety measures certification.


Maharera’s initiative sets a new standard for construction quality in the real estate sector. By promoting transparency, accountability, and adherence to standardized procedures, it aims to enhance customer satisfaction and trust in housing projects. Developers are encouraged to embrace this initiative for the long-term benefit of the industry and its stakeholders.

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