Haryana RERA to Set Up Forum for Resolving Builder-Buyer Disputes
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The Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority (H-Rera) has taken a significant step towards expediting the recovery of delayed possession charges from developers in Gurgaon. Chief Secretary TVSN Prasad has empowered the adjudicating officer of H-Rera to execute pending recovery warrants or certificates issued by the regulator. This move aims to address the backlog of more than 3,000 recovery certificates pending execution over the past six years, amounting to a substantial sum.


Since its inception six years ago, H-Rera has been instrumental in safeguarding the interests of homebuyers and ensuring accountability in the real estate sector. However, the backlog of recovery certificates has been a pressing issue, causing delays in the recovery of dues from developers for delayed possession of properties.

Empowering the Adjudicating Officer:

The recent notification issued by the office of the chief secretary has reinstated the power to execute recovery certificates to the adjudicating officer of H-Rera, Gurgaon. Previously delegated to the deputy commissioner of Gurgaon, this power has now been rightfully restored to the adjudicating officer. Additionally, all pending recoveries with the district collector will be transferred to the adjudicating officer for expeditious resolution.

Legal Framework:

The notification cites the Haryana Land Revenue Act, 1887, and the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016, as the basis for vesting the adjudicating officer with the powers of the collector for execution of recovery warrants/certificates. This decision underscores the commitment of the Haryana government and H-Rera to streamline the recovery process and uphold the principles of transparency and accountability.

Expected Impact:

The execution of pending recovery warrants or certificates is expected to inject approximately Rs 900 crore into the state exchequer. This influx of funds will not only benefit the government but also provide relief to homebuyers awaiting possession of their properties. Furthermore, the restoration of power to the adjudicating officer signifies a renewed focus on efficient governance and enforcement of regulations.

HRera’s Response:

HRera chairman Arun Kumar has welcomed this move, expressing optimism about improving past performance. However, he acknowledges that establishing a proficient revenue team will take time, emphasizing the need for diligent planning and execution.

Conclusion: The empowerment of the adjudicating officer of H-Rera in Gurgaon marks a significant milestone in the quest for timely recovery of delayed possession charges. By streamlining the recovery process and enhancing regulatory oversight, H-Rera aims to restore confidence among homebuyers and developers alike, fostering a conducive environment for real estate growth and development in the region.

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