Karnataka RERA Orders Owners' Association to Complete Delayed Project
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By Staff Reporter
The real estate sector in Jammu and Kashmir is facing significant challenges as the position of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) Chairman remains vacant. Despite the existence of RERA in Jammu and Kashmir for years, the absence of a chairman is causing concerns for flat owners who have been grappling with issues related to builders and regulatory oversight.

According to official sources, a retired IAS Officer from outside J&K was appointed as the RERA Chairman, but he resigned within a fortnight, leaving the position vacant. This vacuum in leadership has led to a lack of proper oversight, allowing builders to allegedly flout regulations and create issues for flat owners in the region.

Flat owners in Jammu have been facing challenges since 2013, dealing with builders, both local and of national repute. Reports suggest that builders are not adhering to approved plans, often going for additional floors or engaging in activities not originally sanctioned. The integrity of original plans has also been questioned over the years.

Experts emphasize that in other states and union territories where RERA is functioning effectively, such issues are not commonly reported. The situation in Jammu highlights the urgency for the government of Jammu and Kashmir to appoint a new RERA Chairman of high integrity, preferably someone local, to address the concerns of existing flat owners and ensure autonomy for those planning to invest in flats in Jammu in the near future.

A proactive and responsible leadership at the helm of the real estate regulatory authority is crucial to bring justice to flat owners, regulate the sector transparently, and instill confidence in both existing and prospective homebuyers in Jammu.

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