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By Staff Reporter
Real estate developers in Gujarat are facing challenges due to prolonged delays in project registrations at the Gujarat Real Estate Registration Authority (RERA). The absence of a chairperson for an extended period within the state’s real estate regulatory body has resulted in operational slowdowns, affecting both project approvals and consumer dispute resolutions.

Sources reveal that the registration process at Gujarat RERA has become more time-consuming, with over 500 pending consumer complaints awaiting hearings. In early October, there were approximately 450 pending registration applications for new projects.

The absence of a chairperson at RERA for almost eight months, coupled with retirements of key members, has disrupted the usual efficiency of the authority. While all positions have been filled with a new team, there is a learning curve in adapting to the processes, leading to delays in the registration process.

Previously, developers could secure registration numbers for their projects within 35 days of the application. However, the current timeframe has extended to approximately two months, causing a backlog of pending files. Developers are optimistic that operations will return to normalcy by Diwali.

The delays are not only affecting project launches but are also impacting consumers who have sought RERA’s intervention in disputes with developers. There are around 800 pending consumer applications against developers, with hearings experiencing delays due to a hiatus in the past months. However, the authority has initiated efforts to address these matters, and resolutions for these cases are expected soon.

In the past year and earlier this year, Ahmedabad witnessed a significant number of land deals, prompting developers to plan project launches during the festival season. However, the current delays in RERA approvals are causing setbacks for these ventures, affecting both developers and aspiring homebuyers in the region.

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