Criteria for Housing Projects
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Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (Maharashtra RERA) has taken a significant step towards ensuring the well-being and comfort of retired and senior citizens by introducing minimum physical criteria for housing projects tailored to their needs. This regulation, applicable statewide, mandates developers to incorporate specific provisions into sale agreements, ensuring that housing projects meet the essential requirements for senior-friendly living.

Detailed Guidelines:

The guidelines encompass various aspects of building design, including kitchens, bathrooms, exits, ramps, stairways, walkways, lighting schemes, and critical elements related to ventilation, safety, and security. With a focus on enhancing accessibility and convenience, these regulations aim to create living spaces that cater to the unique needs of retired and senior citizens.

Implementation and Compliance:

Maharashtra RERA’s circular outlining the minimum physical criteria for housing projects reflects a collaborative effort, incorporating feedback from stakeholders and senior citizen organizations. These guidelines, finalized after extensive consultation, align with the model guidelines issued by the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, emphasizing the importance of accessibility and safety in housing design.

Key Provisions:

The regulations mandate the inclusion of elevators in multi-story buildings, wheelchair accessibility, provision of ramps, wider doorways, and user-friendly amenities such as easily gripped handles and lightweight furniture. Additionally, specifications for kitchen gas resistance systems, natural lighting, and ventilation ensure comfort and convenience for residents.

Safety and Emergency Preparedness:

Special attention has been given to safety measures, including non-slip tiles in bathrooms, outward-opening toilet doors, alternative power systems, and emergency alarm systems strategically placed in bedrooms, bathrooms, and public areas. Trained security guards and emergency contact numbers further enhance the security and well-being of residents.

Compliance Requirements:

Developers are now required to adhere strictly to these regulations when constructing housing projects catering to retired and senior citizens. Any project claiming to cater to this demographic must comply with the specified minimum physical criteria, ensuring that residents can enjoy a safe, comfortable, and accessible living environment.

Conclusion: Maharashtra RERA’s initiative to establish minimum physical criteria for housing projects aimed at retired and senior citizens marks a significant milestone in promoting inclusive and age-friendly living spaces. By prioritizing accessibility, safety, and comfort, these regulations set a precedent for future developments, emphasizing the importance of catering to the diverse needs of all residents.

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