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By Staff Reporter

MahaRERA mandates QR codes in real estate promotions and advertisements starting August 1, 2023. Promoters must prominently display a legible QR code alongside the MahaRERA Registration Number and Website Address. This requirement applies to various mediums such as newspapers, magazines, websites, and social media. The objective is to enhance transparency and provide easy access to project-related information for homebuyers and allottees.


Order No: -43/2013 Date- 29/05/2023 No. MahaRERA / Secy. /81/1/2023

Subject: Display of QR Code in Promotions/Advertisements material relating to Real estate Projects Registered with MahaRERA

Whereas, Government of India has enacted the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 (the Act) and all sections of the Act have come into force with effect from 01.05.2017.

And whereas, the Government of Maharashtra vide Notification No. 23 dated 08.03.2017 has established the Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority, hereinafter referred to as “MahaRERA” or as “the Authority”.

And whereas, the Authority has notified the Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (General) Regulations, 2017 (Regulations) to carry out the purposes of the Act.

And whereas, the Authority under Section 37 of the Act, and Regulation 38 of the Regulations is vested with the powers to issue directions to promoters, real estate agents and allottees from time to time as it may consider necessary.

And whereas, the Chairperson MahaRERA is vested with the powers of general superintendence and directions in the conduct of the affairs of MahaRERA under Section 25 of the Act.

And whereas, Section 3 (1) mandates promoters to register their Real Estate Project with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority before inter alia advertising or marketing in any manner any plot, apartment or building in any Real Estate Project.

And whereas, under Section 11 (2) of the Act, the promoter is required to mention prominently the Registration Number obtained from the Authority as well as the Website Address of the Authority.

And whereas, the provisions of the Act, focuses on bringing greater transparency through disclosure of information on regular basis for public viewing, through online portal and accordingly, MahaRERA has always worked towards ensuring that maximum required information is available for public viewing in the most feasible manner, thereby empowering homebuyers / allottees to make informed choice /decisions in the ever-changing real estate market.

And whereas, MahaRERA has introduced QR Code for each MahaRERA Project to assist Homebuyer to get Project related information easily.

In view of the above, following directions are issued:

  • The promoter shall prominently display Quick Response (“QR”) code on each and every Project promotion / advertisement published after “1′ August 2023”.
  • The QR code must be published in a manner that is legible, readable, and detectable with software application.
  • The QR code must be published besides the MahaRERA Registration Number and the Website Address.
  • The mandate as mentioned in Clause (a) above shall apply to the following mediums of promotion / advertisement and in any other medium as may be directed by the Authority:
  • Advertisements on Newspaper / Magazines / Journals etc.
  • Printed Flyers / Brochures / Catalogues / Leaflets / Prospectus
  • Standees on Project Sites / Sales Office Websites / webpages of Projects
  • Social Media Advertisements

Any other Advertisements where QR codes can be published.

This Order shall come into force with effect from August 2023.

As approved by Authority

Dr. Vasant Prabhu

Secretary / MahaRERA

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