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By Staff Reporter

The Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MahaRERA) has extended its QR code mandate to include real estate agents, requiring them to prominently display QR codes on real estate project promotions or advertisements. This move follows a previous directive that required developers to display QR codes as well. Failure to comply could result in penalties of up to Rs 50,000.

Effective from August 1, MahaRERA’s QR code initiative involves black-and-white barcodes that can be scanned with smartphones. This enables homebuyers to access information about real estate projects and agents swiftly and conveniently.

According to an order issued by MahaRERA on August 21, the requirement for real estate agents is a reflection of the established practice for developers. The displayed QR code should be clear, readable, and detectable by software applications. It must be positioned alongside the MahaRERA project registration number on promotions or advertisements related to real estate projects.

Non-compliance with this mandate will be considered a violation of MahaRERA’s directives. Such violations may incur penalties up to Rs 50,000, although a minimum penalty of Rs 10,000 is specified. This enforcement is in accordance with Section 65 of the Act.

The introduction of QR codes serves a dual purpose. Homebuyers can conveniently scan QR codes with their smartphones to retrieve information about a real estate project or agent. Furthermore, they can access essential project details such as registration dates, expected completion dates, project approvals, construction status, approved plans, legal matters, and other relevant information.

Since its establishment in May 2017, MahaRERA has significantly impacted the real estate sector in Maharashtra. Over 42,000 real estate projects and more than 44,000 real estate agents have been registered under its purview. With the QR code implementation, the authority aims to enhance transparency and accessibility for homebuyers, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding real estate transactions.

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