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Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (Maharera) continues to spearhead initiatives aimed at enhancing transparency and accountability in the state’s real estate sector. In a move to address uncertainties surrounding promised facilities and amenities in housing projects, Maharera has introduced a groundbreaking provision requiring developers to specify fixed dates for the availability of such amenities. This measure, akin to the non-negotiable clauses for parking, underscores Maharera’s commitment to safeguarding the interests of homebuyers.

Mandatory Provision for Fixed Availability Dates

The newly proposed provision mandates developers to provide comprehensive details regarding the assured facilities and amenities, including a fixed date for their availability. This includes amenities like swimming pools, sports courts, gyms, theaters, and society offices. By incorporating this requirement into the sale agreement, Maharera aims to eliminate ambiguity and ensure that homebuyers are informed about the timeline and size of these amenities.

Irrevocable Clause for Buyer Protection

Similar to other essential clauses such as force majeure, liability period, carpet area, transfer agreement, and parking provisions, this requirement stands as an irrevocable clause in the sale agreement. Maharera emphasizes the significance of this provision in upholding transparency, accountability, and buyer protection within the real estate market.

Call for Feedback and Suggestions

Maharera has invited stakeholders to provide feedback and suggestions on the proposed order, which is available on its website. Interested parties are encouraged to email their inputs to by May 27, 2024. This inclusive approach reflects Maharera’s commitment to incorporating diverse perspectives and refining regulations to best serve the interests of all stakeholders.

Enhancing Responsibility and Transparency

The absence of specific details regarding the availability of promised facilities often leads to dissatisfaction among homebuyers. Maharera’s proactive step to mandate the inclusion of such details in sale agreements enhances the accountability of developers and fosters transparency in the real estate sector. By ensuring that homebuyers have clarity regarding the amenities they are entitled to, Maharera aims to instill confidence and trust in the housing market.


Maharera’s initiative to mandate fixed availability dates for facilities and amenities in housing projects represents a significant leap towards enhancing consumer protection and accountability in the real estate sector. By making this provision irrevocable and inviting feedback from stakeholders, Maharera demonstrates its commitment to fostering a fair and transparent real estate ecosystem in Maharashtra.

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