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The Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (Maharera) has taken significant steps to clear directives on parking-related disputes in real estate transactions. Recent directives aim to ensure transparency and clarity regarding parking provisions, minimizing potential conflicts between developers and homebuyers. These directives, outlined in an addendum to be included in allotment letters and sale agreements, signify a milestone in safeguarding the interests of property purchasers.

Maharera’s Mandate: Clear Parking Details

Under the new guidelines, it is mandatory for developers to include comprehensive details of parking arrangements in all allotment letters and sale agreements. These details encompass parking lot numbers, sizes, heights, widths, and precise locations within the building structure. By standardizing this information, Maharera aims to eliminate uncertainties and prevent future disputes related to parking amenities.

Inclusion of Parking as a Non-Negotiable Clause

Similar to other non-negotiable clauses like Force Majeure, Carpet Area, Defect Liability Period, and Transfer Agreement, parking provisions now hold equal significance. Any alterations to these clauses, even with buyer consent, will not be accepted by Maharera. This move ensures that parking arrangements are given the same level of importance and scrutiny as other essential aspects of real estate transactions.

Addressing Past Issues and Enhancing Consumer Protection

Maharera’s proactive approach extends to addressing past grievances and enhancing consumer protection. Circular No. 36, issued on July 30, 2021, clarified guidelines regarding open parking areas and prohibited developers from charging for them separately. The recent directives build upon this foundation, offering clear guidelines for garage and parking lot provisions to further safeguard buyer interests.


In conclusion, Maharera’s directives regarding parking provisions signify a significant step towards enhancing transparency and consumer protection in real estate transactions. By mandating the inclusion of detailed parking information in allotment letters and sale agreements, Maharera aims to mitigate potential disputes and ensure a seamless experience for homebuyers. These measures reaffirm Maharera’s commitment to fostering a fair and accountable real estate ecosystem in Maharashtra.

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