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In a significant move towards transparency and efficiency, the Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority (UP-Rera) has revamped its complaint filing process, putting the power back in the hands of homebuyers and realtors. The recent introduction of a revised Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) aims to simplify the filing process, enhance user experience, and expedite complaint resolutions.

Access to All Filed Complaints

One of the notable changes is the accessibility granted to homebuyers and realtors to view all complaints filed with the real estate regulator. This transparency fosters a more informed community, allowing individuals to stay updated on similar cases, strategies, and resolutions.

Choice of Adjudicating Officer or Conciliation Forum

Empowering complainants further, UP-Rera now allows them to choose an adjudicating officer or a conciliation forum for their filed complaints. This choice provides a personalized touch to the complaint resolution process, enabling individuals to align with professionals who can best address their concerns.

Editing Complaints Before Submission

Understanding that clarity and accuracy are crucial in complaint submissions, UP-Rera permits complainants to go back to the complaint form and re-edit it before final submission. This feature ensures that all details are accurately captured and presented, contributing to a more efficient resolution process.

Simplified Online Filing Process

The revamped SOP introduces a straightforward online filing process. Complainants are required to create a profile on the official UP-Rera portal (, providing necessary particulars, email address, and mobile number. The preview option allows individuals to review and edit the complaint form before making the required Rs 1,000 deposit.

Document Submission in PDF Format

To streamline document submission, complainants must upload essential documents, including copies of the allotment letter, agreement for sale, payment receipts, etc., in PDF format. This digital submission ensures a standardized and efficient process for document verification.

Offline Submission of Hard Copies

While the filing process has been modernized, UP-Rera recognizes the importance of physical documentation. Complainants are required to submit self-attested hard copies of the complaint and supporting documents to the Rera office in Lucknow or the National Capital Region (NCR).

This innovative approach by UP-Rera aligns with its commitment to transparency, accessibility, and a higher disposal rate of complaints. The introduction of an e-court system in February 2020 laid the foundation for this user-friendly transformation, making it easier for individuals to file complaints and monitor conciliation status.

As the real estate regulatory landscape evolves, UP-Rera stands at the forefront, empowering stakeholders and fostering a more accountable and responsive real estate ecosystem.

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