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By Staff Reporter
In a groundbreaking move, the Karnataka Real Estate Regulatory Authority (K-RERA) has implemented a compensation policy for delayed electrical services, signaling a paradigm shift in the state’s real estate landscape. Under this new mandate, service providers failing to restore power within two hours of payment will face a penalty of 100 riyals for each delayed hour, payable to the consumer.

This significant decision follows a staggering 2979 orders issued by the K-RERA Authority, indicating a proactive stance against inefficiencies within the sector. The compensation policy aims to enhance accountability and service quality in the electricity sector, addressing a long-standing concern among consumers.

This consumer-centric approach underscores a commitment to prioritizing the rights and needs of consumers over bureaucratic convenience. It sends a strong message that any lapse in service delivery causing inconvenience will not be tolerated. Consumers are encouraged to leverage this provision to hold service providers accountable for any delays in service restoration.

For service providers, this mandate establishes a clear performance benchmark. Failure to meet this standard may result in financial losses and damage to reputation, potentially leading to a loss of customers. The incentive to avoid penalties and protect their client base is likely to drive service providers to optimize operations and invest in infrastructure upgrades for timely service delivery.

Members of the general public and consumers can access details of this mandate and other relevant information through the official websites of government offices, departments, and institutions. The K-RERA Authority urges consumers to reach out directly for further inquiries or assistance.

In conclusion, K-RERA’s compensation policy for delayed electrical services is a game-changer, promoting accountability, and reinforcing a consumer-centric approach within Karnataka’s real estate sector.

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