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By Staff Reporter

Telangana State Real Estate Regulatory Authority (TS-RERA) is taking resolute steps to revolutionize the real estate landscape in the state. Led by Chairman Dr. N Satyanarayana, TS-RERA is on a mission to not only enhance efficiency but also to foster transparency and accountability within the real estate sector.

During the vibrant celebrations of India’s 77th Independence Day at the Municipal Department Commissioner’s Office in Hyderabad, Dr. N Satyanarayana raised the national flag and paid tribute to the revered Mahatma Gandhi. In his address, he underscored TS-RERA’s unwavering commitment to the strict implementation of the Real Estate Regulatory Act (RERA).

Dr. Satyanarayana emphasized that TS-RERA stands as a beacon of support for homebuyers, ensuring swift resolutions to their concerns. He urged prospective investors to channel their hard-earned resources into projects that have received the stamp of approval from TS-RERA. This endorsement assures potential buyers of the project’s adherence to regulatory standards and safeguards their interests.

The Chairman went on to highlight the broader social responsibility that TS-RERA staff should embrace. He noted that their duties extend beyond their official roles; they are integral to the state’s progress in the real estate sector.

Present alongside Dr. N Satyanarayana during this event were TS-RERA members K Srinivasa Rao and J Lakshminarayana, as well as other dedicated employees who are contributing to the authority’s transformative efforts.

TS-RERA’s steadfast dedication to transparency, accountability, and efficiency reinforces its pivotal role in reshaping the realty sector in Telangana. With unwavering support from homebuyers and the collective determination of its team, TS-RERA is well poised to create a real estate environment built on trust and credibility.

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